Digital Couponing

acardo open wallet - advantages

  • Standardisation of Digital Couponing at all touchpoints
  • Simple and secure check-out processes at the POS
  • Can be integrated into all important POS systems
  • Does NOT need additional hardware, such as 2D-Scanner
  • Can be used for coupons of different companies
  • Allows completely new marketing concepts


  • The App allows reception of coupons of multiple companies
  • Videos, pictures und sound create an activating communication towards the consumer
  • Additional functions, e.g. overview of all realized savings, even increase the attractiveness of the app
  • Recommending of coupons to other users increases the reach of a promotion
  • The store finder directs the consumer directly into the next store

Just a few steps – It’s that easy!

  • Consumer receives and collects coupons in his App
  • Consumer manages all coupons with the acardo open wallet and finds the closest store with the store finder
  • Consumer identifies at the check-out and valid coupons are redeemed automatically